Cooperation, features, and difficulties in the selection of IT specialists by IT recruiters.

Our experience.

More than 2 years of experience of our company ITSherlock in the field of recruiting has shown that recruiting an IT specialist is different from the usual hiring. This difference is due to the fact that there is a very high demand for good IT specialists, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are not enough professionals. Also, the recruiters of our company ITSherlock had to improve their technical knowledge in order to conduct a qualitative assessment of the candidate and keep up with all changes in the IT field.

I would like to provide YOU with a summary of the main difficulties that IT firms face during their activities related to the selection of information technology specialists.

Our company ITSherlock faced such problems only partially since the main team already consisted of experienced specialists in the field of IT recruiting. But this is in our case, and the main tendency of other companies is different, so let's start….


Competence is the key to a recruiter's success

The competence and professionalism of an IT recruiter is the main complaint from IT developers - there is no deep technical knowledge in various areas of the IT sphere, complex terminology imposes difficulties during the selection of a candidate.

The negative impact on the quality of the services provided is that the staff of various recruiting agencies does not always understand the difference between programming languages, and this, in turn, leads to the fact that difficulties arise during the interview since the recruiter and the specialist simply do not understand each other.

All this taken together contributes to the fact that an IT recruiter who understands the IT field is the best option for IT companies, agencies, and customer firms, as well as for the IT candidates themselves. As a result, a freelancer or an IT specialist of another company, who is a professional in his field and can conduct an objective assessment of the knowledge and skills of a candidate, taking into account the client's working requirements, acts as such a specialist and assistant for an IT agency.

The client firm usually conducts its own technical interview and sends the terms of reference to the candidate directly, notifying the recruiting agency, and the recruiting agency, in turn, like ours (ITSherlock), monitors this process and is interested in the candidate's completion of the task and the final decision on the candidate from the customer's firm.


Incentives for making a positive decision by an IT specialist

Professional IT specialists have always been a valuable resource, and even more during a pandemic, therefore there is a very high demand for them. These professionals are creative individuals, so they are rarely in constant search for new jobs, as a result of which recruiters, using various mailings by e-mail or other methods, have to search for them on their own. The majority of such requests from recruiters are not read and most certainly are not answered by the IT specialist.

 All this happens because recruiters make technical mistakes when writing requests, try in various ways (such as offer a higher salary than IT specialists have now) to lure them to other firms. All this does not affect real IT professionals, so clearer job offers, guarantees, and real arguments are needed.

Of course, an IT specialist can be tempted with a higher salary, but it is not always the case. Therefore, real motivation is needed, for example, an interesting project, a close-knit team, complex tasks that require extraordinary solutions, social guarantees, insurance, the best location of the company, or working conditions.

In order for the chances of success to increase, it is necessary that job offers for IT specialists are not standard, but exclusive and with a creative, individual for a particular specialist approach. This can be achieved by contacting through social networks, where communication will be informal and there is an opportunity to talk about all the benefits, or using audio-visual means since visual contact along with voice gives an additional incentive for the candidate to make a positive decision. 


Creative and individual approach to personnel selection

A professional recruiter not only finds a candidate with a high IQ in the IT field but selects and motivates the best in cooperation since the customer himself can find a mediocre specialist. The main task of an IT recruiter is to find the best fit - an IT specialist for a specific project and for a specific team.

In order to motivate a potential candidate, it is necessary to collect information about his priorities, goals, and interests, which is done by taking a careful individual approach to candidates.

It is also important to find out in which company and with whom he previously worked and what is important for this candidate when choosing a new job. Such data can be partially found in the resume, but they are far from complete, therefore it is necessary to study all the available information on this candidate. An individual approach to each IT specialist allows you to minimize possible risks during his selection.


Selection of an IT specialist from ITSherlock.

International recruiting company ITSherlock will help you find an IT specialist who will meet all your requirements and wishes. When selecting an IT specialist, we select only professionals, we take into account all the requests and requirements of the customer.

We work in the territory of Latvia, in the countries of the European Union, as well as all over the world.

You can find detailed information about our company, services, and terms of mutually beneficial cooperation on our website:


P.S. In my next article, I want to touch on a completely different spectrum of life for IT recruiters and IT specialists, as well as for ordinary people of other specialties, namely, psychological factors that determine the psychological state and other characteristics of health, in which a person's psychological resistance to stressful situations plays a significant role, and their choice of constructive and adaptive coping strategies, which is especially important in the current conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Yuri S.