The secret to our success

Remote work
We started providing recruiting services in 2019, as a company with employees working 100% remotely. This allowed us to be flexible and work from all around the world in any circumstances, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. This ensures that our specialists work in a productive environment, not affected by the situation, that is happening at the moment.
We are a team!
We know we are all human beings and we try to show the best side of our selves every day. Unity, kindness, exchange of experiences, empathy and open-minded communication ethics ensure effectiveness of the highest level and works well against a potential burnout at the workplace.
As an international team we use highest quality communication tools, which allows the team to, although virtually, be close, no matter where they are.
Our company offers an open schedule to all employees and a 100% free choice of a working pattern that can be adapted to their own needs. This makes us more resistant to outside circumstances and allows us to combine a healthy mix between our private life and work success.

‘From A to Z’

Chasing the latest- that is our style.

‘One for all - all for one!’

One of the most important strategies applied in the company is fair democracy. This embodies the same rights for every employee while finding the right talent and meeting our client's expectations. Our agency’s main value is to achieve the well-being of all our employees with a focus on professional but also personal needs. The ‘unity in diversity’ promotes and introduces ‘fresh blood’ which results in a great cocktail of ideas and corporate values. The work of each employee is evaluated solely on the basis of their achievements and efficiency, and our company is against any form of discrimination. The company provides each employee with equal opportunities for professional development and material support for their personal investment in the company.

Customer requirements are our primary concern.

Our company offers clients a full range of personnel selection services - from ‘A to Z’, starting from the list of candidates to the compilation of the professional profile of candidates with mandatory or desirable criteria, personal or even psychological characteristics. 

Statistics of our company show that about one-quarter of all job offers in companies are submitted to female candidates. It is important to add that women's professional skills are not lower than men's skills, so the company considers candidates of both genders, so promoting equality. 

Examining candidates from ‘A to Z’ ensures a balance between diversity of selection and gender equality, leading to quality improvements in this particular service.