Who are recruiters and what do you ''eat'' them with?

In my last publication, I promised to touch on the topic of such professions as an IT recruiter and an IT specialist (information technology), so I'll start ... with an IT recruiter….

The profession of a recruiter or otherwise "Recruiting Manager" involves recruiting for an IT company, where the recruiter works in the team, or for customer companies working in a separate recruiting agency.

There are positive and negative sides to working for the company, but personally, I am not interested in work in an IT company for several reasons. Accordingly, so we will focus on a recruiter who works in a recruiting agency.

In a recruiting agency, the recruiter conducts a commercial transaction and fulfills the order of the client - the owner (manager) of the enterprise, and in our case, the head of IT directions.

A recruiter (IT - directions) is looking for employees for a specific position in the IT field, and for a successful result analyzes the professional characteristics of candidates, examines how the skills and achievements of applicants correspond to the field of activity of the customer's company.

By the nature of my work (recruiter), I can say that different people try themselves as recruiters, but whether you become a master of your craft depends only on the person himself. Therefore, many become temporary employees of the company, those who are not very interested in becoming a master of their craft - they worked, failed, and left. In order to become a truly knowledgeable and experienced recruiter, you need to engage in your development and try to gain knowledge in the fields of psychology, sociology, and linguistics. As a future recruiter, you can acquire the skills that are fundamental for the profession (recruiting mechanism and negotiation methods) in specialized training, both in the recruiting company itself and in various companies that are focusing on such courses. It is important to note that these kinds of courses are affordable for the majority of people, which is very important at this time.

Our world has changed and therefore it is necessary to strengthen our position in the field of education, which will significantly affect the quality of your work, and you will become more confident in your skills and life in general.

The work of a recruiter (IT - directions) consists of regularly monitoring the availability of vacancies in various IT - companies and accepting applications from clients of IT firms, compiling a list of requirements for a candidate for a vacancy and competently formulating a text about a vacancy, searching for the candidates, negotiating with candidates, assessing the professionalism and personal qualities of applicants, drawing up a resume of candidates and preparing a presentation to his employer, organizing a meeting between the employer and the candidate, monitoring the timely entry of the selected applicant and his probation period with the future employer.

The good recruiter personality traits: result-oriented, client-oriented, stress-resistant, quick learner, he/she should possess persuasion skills, excellent time management ability, capacity to switch between different activities, and the ability to work with a large amount of information, thinking outside the box, and creativity.

Well, that's all for now ...

In my further publication, I will touch upon the topic - "Who is an IT specialist?", Now the reader is probably tired, and so am I. See you soon...

Yuri S.