Our world will not be the same.

Our world will no longer be the way we used to see it for many, many years. In connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our usual world has turned upside down and this happened in a very short time.

Do you like what's going on around you? I don't, because I like the clarity and consistency in my own actions and the government as a whole. As much as we would like, but the process has begun and this coronavirus will be with us forever. Accordingly, this situation requires us not to "go with the flow" and wait for a return to the old, but to adapt, both in the field of our way of life and in the work activities.

A person is a being that may well find a way out even from a hopeless situation, and this situation with COVID-19, although not hopeless, is alarming. What should we do in this situation? Look for positives! Do you think there are none? Only a few people want and try to notice them.

I would not like to go into the details of my conclusions, since I want to share the most important reflection. And it is that we can now work remotely and at home!! Many of us have lost our jobs because of this pandemic and have experienced stress, anxiety, and depression. There is another way, it is not easy, but it can create a "starting point" and help us to build a normal life. Although, it is necessary to make effort and begin to engage in self-development and education. In our world, there have long been many professions that involve remote work, and some of them are IT specialists and recruiters for hiring, both IT specialists and representatives of other specialties for remote work. My brainstorming regarding such IT specialists and recruiters will continue, but I will leave it for the next time. For now, I want to wish you all the best, health to you and your loved ones. And we will not look back at the past life, as it remains in the past where there was no pandemic.

Yuri S.